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bbarreth_headshotPlease extend a warm welcome to Ben Barreth as the new community builder and full-time software developer at Geeks With Blogs. We've been wanting to add some cool features to the site but haven't had the opportunity until now. Adding Ben to the team should give us a big kick in the right direction.

Ben has several years of .Net development experience and is heavily involved in the startup community in Kansas City, including the KC Startup Village as well as his own startup initiatives: Homes for Hackers and He loves working with people even more than coding and is excited to serve the GWB community in any way possible.

Ben originally met Matt Watson as a beta tester for Stackify, the software company that gives developers the safe & secure access to troubleshoot in production. Jeff Julian and Matt are old friends and recently decided the site needed new ownership to carry it forward and build the enhancements it deserves. The site management transferred in October and Matt quickly began looking for a full-time community builder to lead the charge.

Ben bumped into Matt once again at a Tech Cocktail event at the Boulevard Brewery where Stackify was presenting and an alliance was forged. Yes, the beer really IS that good!

Which brings us to the biggest question of all: Where do you want Geeks with Blogs to go next? As a contributor to the GWB community, now is your chance to be heard! What are we missing?

Features on our radar:

    1. New templates
    2. Add a code "formatter" to posts
    3. Add categories to blog feeds
    4. Re-skin the site and redesign the logo

Feel free to contact Ben with further questions and ideas below. We need your help!

Cell: 816-332-9770

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