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10 Reasons Web Developers Should Learn AngularThere is a very informative video discussing AngularJs, TypeScript, etc that is well worth your time. It got me interested and even excited about Angular and the possibilities.

I’m a big fan of KnockoutJs, but this video gave me the bug to look into Angular more. Here’s a good article comparing KnockoutJs and AngularJS.

Here are some notes from their discussion:

They mentioned the cool demos at

TypeScript pros and cons around 20 minutes

BreezeJs metioned at minute 26. (John Papa has two Pluralsight videos on Angular and Breeze)

Testing at minute 43. (John Papa is making a video about getting the environment setup).

minute 47 Jeremy Likness, “Should I use Angular for this?”

  • Take a small piece
  • How easy is it to learn?
  • How much support?
  • Look at your team

Dan Wahlin –> Benefits

  • Avoided JavaScript before because it’s a mess, Angular will make it modular
  • Fabric you can build your app in
  • Enterprise and real size, big apps

This is morphing into links on Angular as I learn more about it:

Here’s a follow up video to watch –> Dan Wahlin – AngularJS in 20ish Minutes at the ng-conference (his 60 minutes version is very good too)

And for a deeper dive: HTML5DevConf: Alicia Liu "Levelling Up in AngularJS".

Keynote to the ng-conference.

Performance comparison on (use the latest revision)

Modules Library

Not all the DI will work with minified code. This seems to be the best way to get it to work with minification turned on:
app.controller("MainCtrl", ["$scope", function ($scope) { }]);

or ["$scope", function (S) {  }]

Ionic Framework: Create hybrid mobile apps with the web technologies you love.

Daniel Zen - Using AngularJS to create iPhone & Android

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