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July 2015 Entries

Why I like Disciplined Agile Delivery?
I have been reading alot about Disciplined Agile Delivery recently and attended a course on the same from Mark Lines (co-founder of DAD). Something really got stuck with me which I would like to share with the wider audience.http://www.reaspro... ......

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Got CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) recently
Happy to share the news that I have been awarded with Certified Scrum Professional recently. Feeling excited and continue to support Agile/Scrum with zeal ......

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Why should I use Agile/Scrum for my project?
Our world is changing and so do the way of managing our projects. Companies are looking to be leaner and more productive. With so much going around ever wondered why I should adopt Agile/Scrum for my projects? To know more read here:

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Should Product Owner attend Daily Scrum meeting regularly?
The role of Product Owner (PO) is critical for the success of any Scrum team. PO is the voice of the customer and responsible for schedule, scope and cost. PO is a bridge between the business and the Dev Team. PO is the one who ensures that optimum business value is achieved. PO maintains the Product Backlog and prioritizes the items in it. PO also ensures that crisp requirements are provided to the Dev team so that they can create quality product. PO is mandated to attend Sprint Planning and Review ......

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