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Richard Bedwell
Okay this isn't going to take long.


maybe more of a challenge. Augmented reality is a cool function utilizing your GPS, camera, and software to change your view of where and what you are looking at, (simplest explanation). 

I challenge you to use Augmented reality to become revolutionary. When you view something with augmented reality software, how about doing live translation of signs. Say you're in Paris, and don't know what the sign says, because you don't read or speak french. open your AR software, and immediately (based off settings) the AR software shows the sign, augmented with 'english', or 'yiddish'. This would be something that could be marketed to anyone, want to head to mexico, but your spanish sucks, that's okay, take out your AR enabled device, and read the menu in your native language. not sure what the sign on the wall says, no worries. Easily understood with AR. 

Anyway. Let me know if you get this working, and Please make sure it translates German to English.
Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2012 5:10 AM Technical Musings | Back to top

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Sign translation via "Bing Vision" is built into Windows Phone:

It would be cool if it could do it "on the fly" (without having to tap the "Scan Text" button, which usually results in me unfocusing the camera), but it's still a useful start.
Left by Brian Schroer on Mar 10, 2012 8:08 AM

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