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Richard Bedwell
I run a Physical firewall at my residence. Call me paranoid, but I appreciate the added security. I have been working to get the VPN to work properly, but had until today not managed this. I worked with ensuring that the VPN configurations were correct, that the port filters were correct,  I could connect to the Firewall GUI, but never to the VPN. Turns out that in W7, if you add a key, it suddenly works.

Add DWORD(32-bit) - SendExtraRecord --> value 2

and voila, suddenly your presented with the login screen. I won't mention the specific vendor, as they don't have this listed in their fixes... but there are several venders where this is an issue. So, if you are having an issue connecting to an SSL VPN (web vpn) this might just be the solution that you need. 
Posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 12:53 PM Technical Musings | Back to top

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