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What is a BizTalk "Host Instance"?

To answer this question, a more basic question to ask would be what is a BizTalk host, since a host must exist before an instance of it can exisit! This distinction may be confusing to BizTalk newcomers because when navigating through the BizTalk Admin Console, hosts and host instances are viewed separately. In mid-90's techno-speak, (READ: about the time-frame where the development of the BizTalk/Commerce Server got its start) the host would have been thought of as a container for related adapter ......

What is an "event storm"?

Loosely stated, an event storm is a large number of warming, informational and error class occurrances on a given node (or array of nodes) over a relatively short period of time. Since these events must be detected and addressed to improve the health and reliability of any given system, a whole science and collection of supporting applications exist to best manage these occurrances. The best academic abstract/whitepaper I've seen on the topic comes from Mouayad Albaghdadi, Bruce Briley and Martha ......