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How do I Delete a View? How do I Create a View?

Before I create views, I generally work out what I want to retrieve in my SELECT statement ahead of time so I'll just have to cut and paste the query. The example below is done in T-SQL/Sybase format, however for Oracle and MySQL, just place a semi-colon ';' at the end of your statement and remove the 'GO' command. To drop (delete) an existing view: DROP VIEW vw_rpt_metroBestCustomers GO To create a view: CREATE VIEW vw_rpt_metroBestCustomers ( CustomerName, OfficeNum, City, StateOrProv, Country, ......

How do I route my SMTP outgoing mail through gmail (Google Mail) ?

Here is the quick answer: Go into your client e software (e.g. Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) for the account you are working on (usually default). Set the SMTP server to Set the username as your gmail account user name (e.g. Gmail will need the username and password you use for that account, so if your default is set to some other email, be sure to set the username and password to that value, or click on the checkbox for username/password. Check TLS as the secure connection. ......