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My old (generation 2) nano iPOD won't shut off.

Try holding down the Menu and Selector (push-button circle in the center) down at the same time for at least 2 seconds.

My iPOD keeps saying "Do Not Disconnect" while charging. I can't listen to anything.

The simplest answer is because the iPOD software detects that it is unsafe (read: data loss) for your iPOD, Computer or both if you were to disconnect the cable without ejecting the device first.Here's what to do:On the Mac-- Click on the Finder icon Pick the iPOD icon.Navigate to the File menu--select Eject iPOD On a Windows OpSys device-- On the Start menu, click Computer (e.g. Windows 7).Right-click on the drive/device letter or iPOD icon (read: the icon doesn't always appear)Select Eject.The ......

How do I save frequently used SQL Statements in SQL Server?

One convenient way is to make use of the template feature (aka: Template Explorere) in SSMS.

1. Navigate to the View menu in SSMS
2. Select Template Explorer->right click on SQL Server Tempaltes.
3. Click New and create folder; use to add/edit templates.

How do I switch montor postions? Switching cables didn't help.

For Windows 7:1. Right click any blank area on your desktop. 2. Left click Personalize->Display Settings. A window will open that shows a monitor. 3. Navigate to Change Display Settings. A new window will appear showing 2 monitors. 4. Click Identify Monitors. When the monitor you are on is the main monitor, you will see "This is currently your main display" under Multiple displays. To change this, click on the other monitor and check the box that says "Make this my main display". Click Apply. ......