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Does Dynamic SQL work in DB2?

Yes. Here's an example--in this case, if the incoming parameter is empty, you won't need the WHERE clause, instead you will issue the ORDER BY for every row in the table. If the incoming parameter has a value, then search only for that employee identifier, no need for an ORDER BY clause. CREATE PROCEDURE MYPROC01(IN @EMPLID VARCHAR(20)) LANGUAGE SQL READS SQL DATA RESULT SETS 1 S1 : BEGIN DECLARE STMT VARCHAR(1000) ; DECLARE COND_1 VARCHAR(50); DECLARE CURS1 CURSOR FOR S1 IF @EMPLID <> ' ' ......

My Website Got Hijacked! Now What?

If you are a publisher of a website and find that your content has been duplicated word-for-word, or worse, your entire website has been downloaded and then uploaded to a different server , here are some steps you can take to resolve it. 1. Enter the name of the url address that has ripped-off your content in in order to get as much information as possible about the publisher of the site and the host provider. 2. Once you have the information supplied via Who Is, write an email ......

Executing a console app under a diff user

Encoding a VBS Script to Execute A Console Application under a Different User There are many die-hard developers (and most IT Security folks) out there who'll argue that this shortcut to executing a program under a different user isn't viable because an encoded vbscript can be quickly de-encoded by a knowlegeable hacker. Ideally managing the execution/permission rights, etc. of programs or windows services would always be managed internally, however true security design patterns implemented in custom ......