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OK so this is hot.  We have wireless capability with the Zune, but that was limited to sharing songs with other Zunes.  The new Zunes will allow for wireless sync (when plugged into a power source, dock, etc.).  Even more importantly, unlike those option-backdating Apple whores, they aren't sticking it to the little guy.  I.e. you don't have to buy a new one to take advantage of this feature.  It comes as a firmware upgrade delivered through the Zune software.

The new Zunes feature a $149 4Gig flash model.  Here's a hoot - on Amazon if you want my brown Zune, it's $99.  $50 more for red. 

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Interesting. So you can sync your songs etc. wirelessly, as long as you're plugged into some kind of wall outlet/other power source.

I'd consider that to be "wired". That may be just me. I can either: a). plug my Zune into the computer and sync 20 times faster than wireless AND charge it, or b). plug it into a wall socket or dock, and sync 20 times slower. And I still have to be in wifi range.

That's... that's terrible. I mean, god-awful.
Left by Dave Williams on Nov 23, 2007 1:04 AM

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