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My T-Mobile Dash is still lovely.  But as in all relationships, the other person has quirks.  One my Dash has is the need to socialize while in the case by calling a random entry in my Outlook Contacts.  I've been called before by a rogue cell phone.  But usually it is from someone with whom you've just spoken.  That game is for sissies.  Name the rogue cell phone should cause you to really have to guess.  Not just pick the last person you spoke with.  I think it is a feature designed to get the cell minutes racked up.  Solution - just lock it.  My corporate policy will lock the device automatically anyway, so now I just lock after use and before placing it in the case.

Speaking of evil features.  Shell Oil developers listen up.  If I don't ask for a receipt at the pump, and my bill doesn't end in a logical amount (.25, .50, .00, etc.) then just add on another 25 cents.  I'll never know.

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