It is not unusual to receive the error “Catalog Id ":MS:pccard:mainstoneiii" duplicated” after cloning a Windows CE 6.0 BSP. Of course the value duplicated may be different depending on which BSP was cloned.
NOTE: If you haven’t checked for errors, you should be sure to view the Error List. To do this, select View\Other Windows\Error List then select the Error button.
The reason for the message is that the catalog file contains the same entries as the original BSP. It is important to update the catalog file for the new BSP and give it unique identifiers. That sounds cumbersome, but really it isn’t.
The following assumes that the original BSP is the MainstoneIII, but the steps would be the same for other starting BSPs. For this example, the new BSP will be named BlogBSP. The steps are:
1.       Change the name of the catalog files. In the case of MainstoneIII, there are tree files.
a.       BlogBSP\CATALOG\MainstoneIII.pbcxml to BlogBSP\CATALOG\BlogBSP.pbcxml
b.      BlogBSP\CATALOG\1033\ mainstoneiiistrings.pbcxml to BlogBSP\CATALOG\1033\ BlogBSPstrings.pbcxml
c.       BlogBSP\CATALOG\1041\ mainstoneiiistrings.pbcxml to BlogBSP\CATALOG\1041\ BlogBSPstrings.pbcxml
2.       Change the Vendor from Microsoft to your company. This will move the BSP in the catalog from \BSP to \Third Party\BSP.
3.       Change the BSP strings in the catalog file. Search for MainstoneIII (case insensitive will work best) and replace with BlogBSP. Note: in the case of the MainstoneIII, you may also want to search for MainstoneII and replace with BlogBSP.
Now select the refresh button in the Catalog viewer and check for error, there should not be any errors from the new BSP.
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