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This was done using ASP.NET 3.5 in VS 2008.

I had an application that I was using an Ajax TabContainer and TabPanels. The tabs looked great but I had wanted to change the background color of the tab body to a standard color my company uses. I took the default /*XP Theme*/ styles from Tabs.css and put them in my own CSS file. On the TabContainer I set the CssClass=”tabBackground” (tabBackground was the name I gave the class in my CSS file). I changed the background-color in .ajax_tab_body and everything looked good.

At least until I made this page a content page pointing back to a Master page. At that point I would lose all the styles and while the tabs worked they did not look good, at all. To fix this problem I added Theme folder to the project (Right click the project in Solution Explorer and select Add ASP.NET folder/Theme). I then added a MainTheme folder under the new App_Themes and copied my CSS file to MainTheme. I also copied over the various GIFs from the AjaxControlToolkit/Tabs folder to the images folder under MainTheme. In the @Page directive of the content page I added EnableTheming=”true” and StylesheetTheme=”MainTheme”. Once that was set it pointed back to the CSS and my styles were back to normal.

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This post you made so long ago helped me out today big time. Thanks!
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