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This is a completely non-dev related post, but something that had been really getting under my skin for about a month now. I have one Vista PC and it always turned of the monitor like it should. Then it just stopped working. I looked around a bit off and on, since it wasn’t a huge deal I didn’t look that hard. But I had some time the other day and found a super easy fix.

I have the power configuration set to run the screen saver after 10 minutes and then turn off the monitor after 20 minutes. The screen saver would run the picture slide show. That ended up being the issue. When the folder the pictures were in had more than 50 pictures (I had 54) the screen saver would never stop running and the monitor would never go to sleep. I moved about 20 pictures to a totally different folder and like magic the screen saver would stop and the monitor would go to sleep.

A far more detailed posting can be found here: and many thanks to ulysseus123 for figuring it out.

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