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Windows 8

1. CSS Optimization Organize your CSS code Good CSS organization helps with future maintainability of the site, it helps you and your team member understand the CSS more quickly and jump to specific styles. ...


I was working on a Windows form app and needed a way to call out to a service without blocking the UI. There are a lot of ways to do this but I came up with one that I thought was pretty simple. It utilizes ...

Vamsi Krishna,

The future of BizTalk- The last TechEd Conference was a very important one from BizTalk perspective. Microsoft will continue innovating BizTalk and releasing BizTalk versions for “for next few years to ...

Michael B. McLaughlin,

Over the summer I worked with SyncFusion to create an eBook based off of my C# to C++ guide for their free Succinctly Series of eBooks. Today the result, C++ Succinctly, was published for download. It ...