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Visual Studio 2012
Tarun Arora,

Have you accidently deleted files from TFS and are looking at a way to undelete the file? You don’t have to undo your previous check in to get the files back, there is a simpler way. 01 – View Deleted ...


Jet Brains have announced ReSharper 7.1: a considerable update to the powerful .NET developer productivity tool for Visual Studio. They invite you to download ReSharper 7.1 and take it for a free 30-day ...


Several months back, I was tasked with measuring the quality of code in my organization. Foolishly, I said, "No problem." I figured that Visual Studio has a built-in code metrics tool (Analyze -> Calculate ...

Dennis Vroegop,

I think you probably read my rant about the logistics at Build 2012, as posted here, so I am not going into that anymore. Instead, let’s look at the content. (BTW If you did read that post and want some ...