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Visual Studio 2012

TypeScript looks like a great start to evolving javascript. I am going to start playing with it seeing what it is like. This is the post I will update will all the resources I've found. Welcome to TypeScript ...


In last month I hear about Visual studio 2012's release. See hanselman's post


There are several blogs on how to do this (http://scottwhite.blogspot... etc). I’ve found a few useful things to point out: Debugging is difficult, but ...


In last weeks I hear about Webmatrix 2 released. Webmatrix 2 is a nice tool for getting started working on html,css,javascript. it's supported one click installation of framework in php like Wordpres,joomla ...


Why Nuget A higher level of granularity for managing references When you have solutions of many projects that depend on solutions of many projects etc à escape from Solution Hell. Links · Using A GUI (Package ...