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The Velocity team has announced Beta 2 of the Windows Server AppFabric release.

Among the improvements are:

  1. More PowerShell cmdlets for better control of the AppFabric clusters;
  2. The service now logs to two Event Tracing for Windows channels – the Admin channel (on by default) and the Operational channel (off by default), and
  3. Cache service throttling, by far I think this is the most significant change in this beta.

It is a “slick” feature allowing higher service scalability by denying all “write” and “update” commands when AppFabric is under heavy load, thus preventing high virtual memory pressure. Because these state events get logged a cluster administrator can use them to come up with the appropriate tactic on how to better configure the AppFabric features.

I guess you can see how powerful the AppFabric has become and what scalability it brings. 

Posted on Monday, March 8, 2010 12:06 AM | Back to top

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