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News For most companies, development and operation teams play a game of volleyball passing blame on each other when service/product has issues. Lack of communication and understanding between the two, causes costly and timely problems for every company. DevOps is not a title, nor is a position. DevOps is culture represented by a white flag waved from both directions. Cooperation and Communication are at the heart of DevOps. It tears down the wall and pride of these two very valuable entities inside a company and unleashes the power of teamwork towards a common goal!

Erald Gjoni May 2015 Entries
Application Insights
Data is a concept that no longer needs an extensive introduction to portray its glory. While each business takes advantage of it in their own way, I have come to know it from an E-Commerce point of view. Recently, our team members have embraced the idea of Data Driven Decision. After all, "A decision without data, it's just another opinion" according to a brilliant mind who went by the name of Steve Jobs. You my have your opinions about him, but Jobs was a brilliant entrepreneur. This year, we implemented ......

Posted On Monday, May 18, 2015 7:28 PM

Treat technology like your 401k!
What is the first thing every financial advisor usually tells you? Diversification of your funds is key to success!!! I look at technology the same way. Why have all your eggs in one basket?Statistics show that technology has a radical turn over every two to three years. Think of what your phone looked like or what its capabilities were two years ago by comparison to today. Technology is advancing so rapidly, that it's becoming more important in our lives than ever before . Every once in a while, ......

Posted On Sunday, May 10, 2015 2:05 PM

Microsoft Ignite
This past week I had the opportunity to attend my very first Microsoft conference, Microsoft Ignite in Chicago, IL. Aside for the intimidating size of McCormick Place which played host to 23,000 attendees over the last 5 days, I was surprised to see the number of vendors which their whole business revolves around implementation of Microsoft Technology. I was handed enough T-Shirts to clothe a small town, and honestly I loved walking around and collecting all that swag. Leading up to the conference, ......

Posted On Saturday, May 9, 2015 3:38 PM

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