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In India, billions of rupees are spent on data centre infrastructure to cater to the ever-growing needs of businesses. Choosing the right data center infrastructure has become far more difficult for the companies trying to differentiate themselves in this technology-driven world.

Some factors driving such need are as follows:

·         Lot of companies have taken the decision to merge their collection of server rooms and data centers into a centralized regional sites.

·         Compression technology and virtualization is enabling companies to do more with their technology assets. This means that the companies are able to deploy and use heavy applications thereby increasing datacenter demand.

·         Cloud-based solutions are increasing rapidly and it requires more data center infrastructure to support their offerings.

As per survey, some of the key findings to assess the factors which are driving datacenter growth are as follows:

·         Operators at the centers are able to understand the energy efficiency levels of the industry

·         Manufacturers and suppliers are able to understand the growth opportunities and current trends

·         Hosted data centre and captive space is expected to increase its costs

·         Major industries driving the growth of data centres are Banking, Financial services and Insurance(BFSI), IT and ITeS, Social media, Analytics and Mobile

·         Forceful Government policies to increase on digitalization of records enables its growth

·         More and more data centre services is opening new avenues for providers to attract new and modern customers. They offer services like virtualization, cloud computing, disaster recovery and even data centre extensions. These new services are evolving and moving more organizations to data centre model.

·         Datacenters are becoming a hub for big data management and big data services. These types of services would only continue to grow for the data centre model as a big data.

·         Use of Wide Area Network (WAN), cloud and internet services have truly exploded. The central hub for connectivity and data distribution is responsible for housing some of the latest technologies out there.

·         The world has become more connected and new types of load balancing solutions enable global traffic management and controls. Data centre is a node within a large cluster of interconnected data centre environments. It is a formulation of cloud and globally connected networking environment.

Considering all the factors like surging energy costs, decreasing organizational budgets, adoption of different servers in data centers and a boost in preferences for process outsourcing are paving way for vendors to expand their presence throughout the country.

The rising growth of data center facilities in India are followed by certain driven factors like high bandwidth speed, energy savings and power, state of art of infrastructure and cutting the edge of technology used by the service providers. These factors are maximizing the company’s business value and by reducing their variable costs.


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