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Saturday March 28th 2009 was our second annual School of Dev and first ever SharePoint Saturday.  We had over 80 people in attendance despite a snow storm.  Only one speaker ended up canceling which was truly amazing considering the weather.

For me the day began by dropping off two boxes of books that would later be given away as prizes.  I then joined Steve Walker for a Panel QA Discussion Session.  We were joined by Cory Roth and Chris Barba.  We had some great questions around designing a SharePoint Farm and Site Structure. 

My favorite part of the day was attending The SharePoint Cowboy (Eric Shupps') session “Configuring SharePoint 2007 for Optimal Performance.  It was during the first 5 minutes of this session that Eric dropped some tips on hardware load balancers that a light went off.  I turned to my co-worker Chris Barba and said “That’s the answer to the AJAX issue we’ve been having.” (Sorry can’t go into too much detail to protect the customer.)  I was really eager to attend his session to compare and contrast it with my own own performance talk called, “Administration: From Knee Jerk Reactions to Proactive Solutions | A Dozen Tips for Improved SharePoint Performance.”  Eric’s talk focused more on overall SharePoint performance and included several infrastructure tips.  My talk focuses more on the Application Layer of SharePoint Performance. 

Later The SharePoint Cowboy (Eric Shupps') and I spent about 45 minutes chatting about SharePoint Architecture and swapping consulting biz war stories.

Download Available:

Administration: From Knee Jerk Reactions to Proactive Solutions | A Dozen Tips for Improved SharePoint Performance

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