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Yes, there are still those of us that must bridle our insatiable desires to upgrade to the seemingly supreme and all-encompassing SharePoint 2010 and continue to mend our barely adequate SharePoint 2007 systems.

When content types and/or site defined columns are defined at the site collection or subsite level, what are the risks to stop allowing content types based on the defined content type to inherit changes/ settings made to the defined content type?

The ultimate goal is to copy items from a tracking type list for achiving purposes.  However, the columns of the tracking list are defined by either site columns or columns associated with specific content types defined at the site or site collection level.  Because the "goal" list to which the tracking items will be copied will only be used for archiving, it does not necessarily need to be populated with the required fields.  Is there a way to stop that specific list from inheriting the settings from columns and content types, or can this only be done within the specific column or content type at the higher level?

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