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Intuit Partner Platform and Data Access

I’m going to make some assumptions that will cover a lot of folks developing applications to work with QuickBooks.

1. You are running a copy of QuickBooks on your development machine.

2. You are running Visual Studio 2010 as your development environment of choice.

3. You have some flavor of Microsoft LightSwitch installed.

4. You want to access QuickBooks data on your machine to USE LightSwitch.

Well now you have an option. Head on over to and pick up a copy of their QuickBooks Data Provider for ADO.NET. A one developer license with royalty-free distribution will cost you $599 at the present time and in the next few minutes I’m going to help you get started using this package.

Although this software comes with a number of samples getting started was not all that intuitive for me. After a number of false starts I did a GoToMeeting with a gentleman named Casey and he showed me how to get started. The problem is that this package can serve in a number of capacities accessing QuickBooks data whether the data is local or remote so to get you started I am going to show you how to set things up locally to allow you to run QuickBooks Data Provider to use the samples supplied and to use LightSwitch to access the data. If you have a need for other setups you will need to consult their help files.

Let’s start with the QuickBooks Remote Connector provided as part of the package. You won’t find it in your menu choices in the start menu but if you cruise on down to c:\program files (x86)\RSSBus\RSSBus QuickBooks Data Provider\RemoteConnector you will find RemoteConnector.exe. I chose to pin it to my taskbar but you could also make it a desktop icon. This connector is a mini http listener and it’s easy to get multiple instances running and we don’t want that. I’ll have more on that in a bit.

When you start it you will get this:


The most important thing to note is that we’re using port 2080. Now click the Users tab:clip_image002

Fill in a user name and password. This is strictly for the use of the data connector and has no other purpose. To find the company file you want to use click the browse button and you will get:

(Word of warning – clicking the Red X button at the upper right of the screen DOES NOT close the connector. To CLOSE the connector use the Exit button on the menu strip!!!!!)


Choose the file you want to access and click the start button. This starts the connector in listening mode. EVERY time you run this it will generate a new connection. You can see these in the hidden files section.


You only want ONE of these running at any given time. With one connector started and running you’re ready to move on to using the connection to access QB data.

So let’s access some data

My suggestion is to start the sample account application provided by RSSBus. The demos are installed as links when you install the Data Connector but you can also find them in Program Files (x86) under RSSBus. The form for the account application looks like this.


Fill in the details using http://localhost:2080 and your user name and password that you used in the connector dialog:


Before you go further open QuickBooks with the data you selected to use with the connector. With QuickBooks running click the Refresh button. QuickBooks should present you with the following screen:


You have a number of options here but I chose Yes, always and allowed it o access personal data for my testing purposes. Click Continue… to get:


First warning – select Yes unless you want to change it then a final warning:


Click done and you can close QuickBooks if you like. Now click the refresh button on the account application and you should get this:


You’re now accessing QuickBooks data from an application external to QuickBooks. I know it seems like a lot of work but if you follow the instructions above things should go smoothly. I ended up with about a dozen Remote Connectors running on some of my first attempts. It took Casey and a GoToMeeting session to get me sorted out. Now I love it LOL. I’ll do more with LightSwitch in another blog.

Bud Aaron – the Geriatric Geek

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