Semaphores for better distribution of work items across threads
As developers we will often find ourselves doing loops/iterations to process hundreds, thousands or even millions of items, e.g. parsing files, screen scraping sites, doing complex computations on multiple rows etc. To process these types of jobs, we can take a look on some supermarket lines, where we have 1 long line with several counters catering to 1 customer at a time, when a cashier is done with the current customer, one customer will be called from the line. On the programming world we have ......
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AngularJS2 on ASP.Net Core using TypeScript Part 3 - Attribute Directives
Previously we started creating our seed project then we created our first AngularJS2 app, on this post we will try to play with AngularJs2’s Attribute Directives. Basically, Attribute Directives allows us to change the appearance or behavior of a DOM Element, such us changing colors of DIVS when our mouse enters or exits, or alter the behavior of a DOM element when clicking them. For this Post, We will use the current state of the project we used on our last post, you can go back to my previous posts ......
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SQL Server 2016 Dynamic Data Masking (DDM)

SQL Server 2016 Dynamic Data Masking

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