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What exactly were you taking of late MSFT? So much for a spanking new mobile OS which wants to emulate the iPhone OS so badly that it even copied and pasted the iPhone’s erstwhile lack of clipboard support as well? The reason given is so lame (shall I say differently able?) that deserves pity rather than lament.

According to MSFT people don’t use the clipboard that often. Being a WinMo user for the better part of my life and having developed for the platform for worse part of it I could say with conviction that Clipboard support was one key differentiator which kept me away from “The Phone to have” of 2007-8-9. Let me try to find few use cases I for one have been using the clipboard.

  1. Copy files to and from card and phone memory.
  2. Copy images, audio files from apps/browsers/explorer to email other apps.
  3. Copy text to/from word documents, notes and emails.
  4. Copy content from network drives to memory card.
  5. Copy links between browsers (Yes i did it for the love of Opera and PIE alike).

Others could definitely come up with more. So who are these so called “users” who provided feedback to MSFT that the clipboard is useless? If you are among the lucky few being asked for the “feedback” kindly chime in the comments. Would be interesting to see different views on this.

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