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The 2 main tools used in cube construction using BI Dev Studio are the Dimension Designer and the Cube Designer. To be effective at OLAP, you need to conceptualize your options - know what to do and where to do it.


Dimension Designer - Use to edit various properties of an existing dimension, including the attributes, hierarchies, levels, and translations of the dimension, as well as to browse the data contained by the dimension. Contains 3 tabs:
·         Dimension Structure Tab - view and modify the attributes, hierarchies, and levels in the dimension.
·         Translations Tab - view and modify translations associated with the dimension and its attributes, hierarchies, and levels..
·         Browser Tab - browse the members of a hierarchy contained by the dimension.
Cube Designer - Use to edit properties of an existing cube, including the measure groups and measures, cube dimensions and dimension relationships, calculations, KPIs, actions, partitions, perspectives, and translations included in the cube, as well as to browse the data contained by the cube.
·         Cube Structure Tab -create and modify measure groups and measures, add cube dimensions, and display the objects included in the cube from the associated data source view.
·         Dimension Usage Tab -create and modify relationships between cube dimensions and measure groups included in the cube.
·         Calculations  Tab -create and modify calculations, including calculated members, named sets, and MDX scripts, included in the cube.
·         KPIs Tab -create and modify KPIs included in the cube.
·         Actions Tab -create and modify actions, including drillthrough actions and report actions, included in the cube.
·         Partitions Tab -create and modify partitions, including proactive caching settings for measure groups and partitions, included in the cube.
·         Perspectives Tab -create and modify perspectives included in the cube.
·         Translations Tab -create and modify translations for measure groups, measures, cube dimensions, perspectives, KPIs, actions, named sets, and calculated members included in the cube.
·         Browser  Tab -browse data and metadata for the cube.
Cube Structure Tab
Dimensions Usage Tab
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