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The Docker CLI commands actually encapsulate Rest calls to the host Docker Daemon

The daemon listens on unix:///var/run/docker.sock - which you can curl into: curl --unix-socket /var/run/docker.sock http:/containers/json

  • In theory, a Container app could be Cluster-enabled via startup calls to the host Docker Remote REST API !
POST /swarm/join
POST /services/create

Here's a summary of the exposed API surface:


  • GET /containers/json - List containers
  • POST /containers/create - Create a container
  • GET /containers/(id or name)/json - Inspect a container
  • GET /containers/(id or name)/top - List processes running in a container
  • GET /containers/(id or name)/logs - Get container logs
  • GET /containers/(id or name)/changes - Inspect changes on a container’s filesystem
  • GET /containers/(id or name)/export - Export a container
  • GET /containers/(id or name)/stats - Get container stats based on resource usage
  • POST /containers/(id or name)/resize - Resize a container TTY
  • POST /containers/(id or name)/start - Start a container
  • POST /containers/(id or name)/stop - Stop a container
  • POST /containers/(id or name)/restart - Restart a container
  • POST /containers/(id or name)/kill - Kill a container
  • POST /containers/(id or name)/update - Update a container config
  • POST /containers/(id or name)/rename - Rename a container
  • POST /containers/(id or name)/pause - Pause a container
  • POST /containers/(id or name)/unpause - Unpause a container
  • POST /containers/(id or name)/attach - Attach to a container
  • GET /containers/(id or name)/attach/ws - Attach to a container (websocket)
  • POST /containers/(id or name)/wait - Wait for a container
  • DELETE /containers/(id or name) - Remove a container
  • HEAD /containers/(id or name)/archive - Retrieving information about files and folders in a container
  • GET /containers/(id or name)/archive - Get an archive of a filesystem resource in a container
  • PUT /containers/(id or name)/archive - Extract an archive of files or folders to a directory in a container


  • GET /images/json - Build image from a Dockerfile
  • POST /build - List Images
  • POST /images/create - Create an image
  • GET /images/(name)/json - Inspect an image
  • GET /images/(name)/history - Get the history of an image
  • POST /images/(name)/push - Push an image on the registry
  • POST /images/(name)/tag - Tag an image into a repository
  • DELETE /images/(name) - Remove an image
  • GET /images/search - Search images


  • POST /auth - Check auth configuration
  • GET /info - Display system-wide information
  • GET /version - Show the docker version information
  • GET /_ping - Ping the docker server
  • POST /commit - Create a new image from a container’s changes
  • GET /events - Monitor Docker’s events
  • GET /images/(name)/get - Get a tarball containing all images in a repository
  • GET /images/get - Get a tarball containing all images
  • POST /images/load - Load a tarball with a set of images and tags into docker
  • POST /containers/(id or name)/exec - Exec Create
  • POST /exec/(id)/start - Exec Start
  • POST /exec/(id)/resize - Exec Resize
  • GET /exec/(id)/json - Exec Inspect


  • GET /volumes - List volumes
  • POST /volumes/create - Create a volume
  • GET /volumes/(name) - Inspect a volume
  • DELETE /volumes/(name) - Remove a volume


  • GET /networks - List networks
  • GET /networks/ - Inspect network
  • POST /networks/create - Create a network
  • POST /networks/(id)/connect - Connect a container to a network
  • POST /networks/(id)/disconnect - Disconnect a container from a network
  • DELETE /networks/(id) - Remove a network


  • GET /nodes - list nodes
  • GET /nodes - inspect a node


  • POST /swarm/init - Initialize a new Swarm
  • POST /swarm/join - Join an existing Swarm
  • POST /swarm/leave - Leave a Swarm
  • POST /swarm/update - Update a Swarm


  • GET /services - List services
  • POST /services/create - Create a service
  • DELETE /services/(id or name) - Remove a service
  • GET /services/(id or name) - Inspect one or more services
  • POST /services/(id or name)/update - Update a service


  • GET /tasks - List tasks
  • GET /tasks/(task id) - Inspect a task

Happy Docking !

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