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Some MIB modules contain references to other modules within their imports sections. When loading a MIB that contains external imports using IPWorks Secure SNMP MibBrowser component, the ImportSymbols event will fire for each external reference. These modules must be loaded in order to generate a complete representation for the target MIB. By default, the component will attempt to load all external references automatically (this is controlled by the AutoLoadMibs configuration setting). The component will only find external modules if they reside in the same directory as the current module. Alternatively, the component can load additional modules by calling the LoadMib method while inside the ImportSymbols event. If the modules are NOT imported, some symbols may remain unresolved. These symbols will not appear in the MibNode hierarchy until the module containing their definition is loaded. Order is unimportant when loading additional MIB modules. A complete list of unresolved symbols can be found by retrieving the UndefinedSymbols config setting (comma separated list of symbols). Posted on Tuesday, June 21, 2005 12:04 PM Programming | Back to top

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