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With cloud computing becoming so important, there is no question that those with Microsoft Azure certification will be in demand. Using the cloud makes sense for individuals and corporations due to the cost-effectiveness and ease of access. There’s no need for them to invest in costly infrastructure or specialized hardware. 

Microsoft Azure is a very popular cloud platform that is growing all the time and attracting the brightest and the best. This means that individuals with the AZs-103 Microsoft Certification are in great demand. 

The AZ-103 Microsoft Certified Administrator exam

Taking the AZ-103 exam requires an understanding of core services, such as servers, databases and networking in the cloud. Experience in using products such as PowerShell will help with an understanding of how services integrate with Azure. 

A good way to prepare for the AZ-103 exam is to do a free practice test offered by IT Exams with questions, answers and explanations. 

High Microsoft Azure adoption

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that allows companies to add cloud capabilities to an existing network through its Platform as a Service (PaaS) model or they can use Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for all their computing and network needs. Either option provides reliable, secure access to cloud-hosted data. 

The array of products and services is ever-expanding so that companies can meet all their needs through one convenient platform. According to Microsoft Experts, an estimated 120 000 companies sign up for Azure each month. 

Individuals, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, appreciate the flexibility of the platform. It’s more affordable because they don’t pay for what they don’t use. As they grow, they can simply expand their capabilities. Microsoft Azure has also been consistently secure, with guaranteed security options and elaborate security settings. 

Due to the widespread adoption of Microsoft Azure cloud services, Microsoft Azure certified professionals are in great demand for managing cloud infrastructures and developing cloud applications. 

Microsoft Azure Certification benefits 

Microsoft Azure Certification is highly prized by hiring managers. Passing the AZ-103 exam gives candidates the opportunity to increase their desirability and advance their careers. Individuals can’t go wrong with a career in Microsoft Azure as it will only continue to grow. 

Career flexibility

Cloud computing is essential for IT professionals and organizations trying to keep up with the demands of rapidly changing technology. Earning Microsoft Azure Certification is an asset on so many levels. It demonstrates motivation and is evidence of the mastery of certain skills. Employers in the IT industry give preference to individuals with more certifications and training. 

Certified individuals can work in countries all over the world managing, developing, and implementing cloud services. They can also work in all kinds of industries, such as banking, government, insurance, banking or healthcare. 

Higher pay

Higher salaries are one of the perks of cloud computing experts. Microsoft Azure certification can lead to an increase in salary of up to about 20%. 

Most organizations offer a better pay scale to accommodate added skills that employees can implement in practice. Salaries vary around the world, with the average salary starting at around $40,910 and those in senior roles earning approximately $172,200 a year. 

Leadership potential

Trained employees are able to become fully productive at a quicker pace. Thus, more opportunities are available for them to gravitate into leadership positions. Certification that helps with cloud management processes can set individuals on a career path that takes them right to the top. 


Microsoft is a highly regarded name worldwide. Microsoft professionals receive immediate recognition. They can also keep gaining the knowledge and skills to make them more productive and keep them ahead of the competition. 

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