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Cloud-networking has reached its peak this decade and you can only expect this to continue because businesses are migrating to digitalizing their operations. The demand for cloud-based solutions can pose serious security concerns because of cyberattacks and malicious software. 

Therefore, cloud-based SaaS providers need to tighten their security, and to ensure that they do this, the AICPA came up with the SOC-2 compliance certificate. It is essential for SaaS product developers to get this compliance certificate but how do they get it? Here is a guide on how to be SOC-2 compliant:

Choose the criteria you would like to get audited 

The first step of getting SOC-2 compliance is choosing what criteria you would like to get certified on your service. You can choose any of the 5 the AICP established which includes Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Privacy, and Confidentiality. To easily pass the security audit, you can use SOC 2 compliance software developed by JupiterOne. 

The software ensures that every aspect of the SaaS product you are providing is up to the mark and as per auditor's expectations. The security audit comes with a lot of benefits which include winning the trust of potential customers and reduced risk of successful cyberattacks.

Request an auditor

Once you have established the audit requires, the next step should be requesting an auditor that will conduct, oversee, and coordinate the entire process. You should choose the auditor well because he will be the one who handholds the company to getting their SOC-2 compliance certificate. 

The auditor helps with determining how far off are you to being fully compliant and during that process, he asks related questions. The questions about the application of trust principles on the SaaS security system and confidentiality principles are posed to your team.

Develop a roadmap before the audit

The auditor helps you determine all the necessary steps that should be taken to be fully compliant. It takes a couple of weeks and maybe even months to fully be compliant with the requirements of the SOC 2 compliance certificate. The key to ensuring that this process gets successful is following the roadmap religiously. 

Do not belittle certain tasks but rather pay close attention to even the finest of details. The credibility of your company greatly depends on meeting the requirements stated on the roadmap.

The audit takes place

In a couple of months, the auditor conducts another round to determine if you followed the roadmap he left behind. This visit intends to determine whether your system has fully operational security measures that are in accordance with the SOC 2 compliance code

The auditor puts up security-related questions all over again to the team to establish whether you understand the scope of what is expected from a SOC 2 compliant business. 

You should also submit evidence indicating that the roadmap was followed carefully and how the business applied it. If all goes well, you get the SOC 2 compliance certificate in the criteria you selected.

Ongoing compliance 

Getting SOC 2 compliance is not a one-off event that you should forget about as soon as the certificate gets delivered. Rather, keep it in mind that is something that should be constantly upheld, and that involved annual audits that should be conducted. 

The idea is to ensure that you remain compliant if your business operations grow. Whenever you think about scaling the operations of the business, look into how the SaaS product remains compliant.

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