BizTalk Server best articles

To simplify navigation on the BizTalk articles, I've selected only the best articles.

Study Big Things

BizTalk Internals: Publishers and Subscribers
Part 1: Zombie, Instance Subscription and Convoys: Details
Part 2: Suspend shape and Convoy
Ordered Delivery
Internals: the Partner Direct Ports and the Orchestration Chains
Compensation Model

Study Small Things

Internals: Namespaces
Mapping Empty or Missing attributes and elements with different combinations of parameters: Required/Optional, Min/MaxOccurs, Default, Fixed
Mapping, Logical functoids, and Boolean values
Schema: Odds: Generate Instance
BizTalk Messaging Model
Internals: Mapping: Script functoid: Type of the Input and output parameters
Internals: Enlisted/Unenlisted; Started/Stopped; Enabled/Disabled. Errors and Suspended messages generated by Subscribers
Accumulating messages in MessageBox, Lifespan of the messages
xpath: How to work with empty and Null elements in the Orchestration
Internals: Schema Uniqueness Rule


Advanced Questions
Questions for interview without answers
Interview questions and principles

Some Architecture

BizTalk Integration Development Architecture
Naming Conventions
Artifact Composition
Naming Conventions in Examples
Domain Standards and Integration Architecture
BizTalk Server and Agile. Can they live together?
Complex XML schemas. How to simplify?

From Field

Sample: Context routing and Throttling with orchestration
BizTalk and RabbitMQ
Mapping with Xslt
Custom API: Promoted Properties
Sample: Error Handling


Timeline: Platform Support
Timeline: Development Tools
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