So far USB 3.0 leaves a lot to be desired

I now have a few docking station for my SATA drives that's hooked on to USB 3.0 PCI Express cards.  I also have a laptop with 2 USB 3.0 ports.  The straight up transfer speed is good, 86 mbps versus 20 mbps, my virtual PC now runs very well with USB drives.  However, using those devices for file storage has not been a very good experience so far.  With the old USB 2.0 drives, I could create multiple "move" instances between drives.  The speed slows down, but I could initial some moves and leave the computer for a while.  With USB 3.0, if I initial a second file move between the drive that are currently being moved, the drive drops off and corrupts the files.  I thought it was the drivers, but my 2 desktops and my laptop all are doing the same thing.

For now, I am moving back to USB 2.0 when I need to move files, and only use USB 3.0 when I need something fast straight up.  I'm definitely looking forward to new computers with USB 3.0 built in natively and will try other docking stations other than Vantec.  However, my HP portable USB 3.0 drive is doing the same thing, so I'm not sure anything would help at this point.

I guess the first thing to do is to look through all the support page on Vantec, HP, Dell, and Gateway.

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