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Just watch this.    Envy.   Windows Mobile needs this.

Google Android - Zebra Crossing

Today via proxy my slide deck was presented at the launch of Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV 2009 launch at Microsoft TVP. I can't help but enthuse about what it will mean to us developers now that via web-service we can invoke elements of NAV/AX directly from an external application. This changes the landscape considerably for me as a line of business developer, as I can now concentrate on application atheistic's and functionality rather than duplicating logic for how the underlying ERP system works. ......

As the complexity of our mobile line of business applications increases, it takes longer and longer to compile our applications. Now I knew that Microsoft has this great new build tool called MSBuild inside Visual Studio 2008, but I didn't know much about it. Bottom line you can compile .Net applications from the command line. Or more importantly have your application builds happening on another machine. Documentation here - This is what I have ......

Just check out

So I'm thinking is this the new future,  prefix your mobile site with M,   aka,     is this the new groove for identifying mobile websites?

Surely .mobi is too many keystokes to type what's your view?   Should I go ( or far shorter url)

As you know, I've been having a spot of bother on a .Net Compact Framework 2.0 application with the numeric up-down control. See - here So, rather than deploying .Net Compact 3.5 runtimes to lots of devices which wasn't really an option, I decided to build my own spinner control that can cope with numbers greater than 32767. Solutions for this already exist in libraries like but I needed to not add any more overhead to my application. So, I came up with a very simple user control ......