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Just found out about this...

I've just modified my auto detection web page to work with windows mobile, iPhone/iPod and now Blackberry This simple web-page will redirect traffic to different web pages for any of these devices. Paste this into an web page (i.e default.aspx) <%@ Page Language="C#" Trace="false" %> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="C#" RUNAT=SERVER> protected void Page_Load(Object sender, EventArgs e) { System.Web.Mobile.MobileCap... cur = (System.Web.Mobile.MobileCa... Request.Browser; // this ......

I had an interesting customer enquiry this week. Our customer wants to have multiple Windows Mobile Line of Business applications running on the same device. The interesting bit, was that they wanted to switch between running instances of each application. i.e if you were in the warehouse module you could jump across to the QC application. In my example as its a dedicated mobile application things like the start menu are switched off. So what we needed was from a button in application 1, we could ......

So, I've been on a mission, to show that we can port our mobile portal application suite over to iPhone. We've long been using a Windows Mobile delivered portal that takes Sharepoint, Dynamics NAV and a host of other line of business system (LOB) and delivers them to our mobile workforce. The core of our business at Anglia Business Solutions ( is to allow our consultant's, sale staff and support engineers to work remotely. For any service based company our lifeblood is accurate time ......

Met Tim Dawson (MVP) of DiVElements the other day.

Wow,  what cool controls he makes...

(image from Yahoo) Hat tip to John Goldsmith, VISIO MVP and all round nice guy. For this great information. I often need to mock up Mobile (and if forced :-) ) desktop user interface layouts. Normally I do this straight in visual studio. However I may now move to Visio to achieve this thanks to these stencil templates I wonder, if Yahoo will ever release these as WPF controls :-) ......

I love geocaching,    go look at for a better description, than I could ever give.

So my idea today is lets put QR codes/Windows Live Barcodes on all cache's.    Find the cache,  scan the barcode with your camera phone and that will take you automatically to the cache find page.    You dig me brothers and sisters?

Hi all,  really proud to announce that Microsoft have decided they like what I'm doing and have made me an MVP again.   I love doing line of business mobile apps  and clearly from the feedback I get, you like hearing about it.

Amazing what one guy and a server sitting on a fridge can achieve.

Thank you all.

This is slick, this site Will generate inline QR codes/Windows Live Barcodes (if we are still allowed to call them that). You can place them straight as images on any webpage, by just pasting in a tiny bit of code. like this <img src=" alt="qrcode" /> This gives us - ......