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May 2009 Entries

While working with a test team, today, we were doing incremental builds of a Compact Framework application. We wanted to display the build time of each release of software, so that the test team could be sure we were all using the current version. This tiny bit of code achieves just that. public static DateTime BuildTime() { Assembly assembly = Assembly.GetExecutingAssemb... string filename = System.Reflection.Assembly.... FileInfo info = new FileInfo(filename); ......

So, I’ve been fighting the good fight, keeping a server running a server sitting on-top of my fridge. I finally decided it was time to move everything into the cloud. I’ve signed up with, which ‘sort of’ offer ASP.NET hosting. The sort of bit, is that FastHosts only allow a single ASP.NET application. This is not so good for me, as I host all sorts of stuff on my blog, mostly ASP.NET powered. I’ve added a temporary re-direct from which is serving for now. ......

This is amazing. 2D barcodes are the corporate logo’s of the future. Full Details ......

This is great. Jason Langridge found it first, so hat tip to him. John Pettengill, Internet Watered Down - ......