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May 2010 Entries

I’m using my blog today as book mark service today. I just found this article on howto really validate if an email address exists. I’ll have a go at wrapping this article into a WCF/Webservice ......

Mark Arteaga – fellow MVP just helped me with this, thought I’d share. Windows Phone 7 SilverLight supports persistent storage, which is a great way of saving settings betweens runs of your application. However I couldn’t get it to work. If you do this to create a persistant storage instance - private IsolatedStorageSettings userSettings = IsolatedStorageSettings.App... To retrieve settings do the following - string xx = userSettings[“SomeValue”].T... Hiowever the bit that got ......

Just found this, if you’re using Azure 1.1, which you probably will be if yo'u’ve moved to Visual Studio 2010. To change the default database to something other than sqlexpress for Development Storage do this - Look at this - At the bottom it states - Using Development Storage with SQL Server Express 2008 By default the local Windows Group BUILTIN\Administrator is not included in the SQL Server sysadmin server role on new SQL Server Express 2008 ......

Another very cool Channel 9 Video.

A very useful guide.

Hat Tip – Mr Peter Foot.