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So I’m drawing to the end of a long day and a long project.    As you know I’ve been building an iPad client in Swift that uses Core Data and OData to provide offline and online access to Dynamics NAV.

A few observations - 

Odata is different depending on what you do,  criteria for a filter clause, is different to an individual clause.   You have to remember/guess what to URL escape when to use quotes/double quotes etc.

Don’t fear it.   Its powerful.   I’ve spent all my time in the front end,  not getting bogged down in adding web service methods for everything you need.

Its responsive.    If a field isn’t there or something has changed it tells you at runtime.    Add web-reference/service reference is just a million miles from this.

Its lightweight.   Everything is sent up and down in JSON format.   Speed is incredible.


Would I do it again?   Now that I have SWIFT libraries and extensions to base classes,  HELL YEAH!

posted on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 2:17 PM