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One of my hobby / passion is home theaters, and even though $6 million is overkill, I thought I would brought it up as a good read Kipnis Studio Standard, 4096x2160 video, 18 ft screen, 8 speakers with 8 subs...

The Sony Quad HD projector is one of interest to me - it costs $100K (if this post is to be believed) with NO lens (another $19K option give or take a couple of grand given what kind of lens you want), but I would like to see how an 8 megapixel image would look like on a big screen.

Of course, the article doesn't talk about black level, contrast level, etc., but the equipment list is enough to make my mouth water.  My current ideal HT setup would be a Sony G90 with DynAudio Contour speakers (Velodyne subs), driven with some nice amps (Mark Levinson, Krell, Plinius, etc.).  Most probably by the time I can afford these, my wife would insist on a small (read: digital) PJ, so current choices for me would be either JVC RS-1/RS-2 (with a scaler that can do color control) or a Sony Diamond.

Perchance to dream...

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