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Scott L. Newman November 2009 Entries
Well it has been one week
One week since I started a new web site for Gray Matters (called GrayMatters40) on Got a few hits but, no joiners and member ship for my home group Gray Matters on LinkedIn slowed down in growth and activity. It may be the time of year, it may be that the newness of the site wore off or maybe I don’t know how to manage and support the group. I check on all my sites daily and try to make sure I post in them at lest once a week. I have gotten, recruiters, head hunters and job couches for ......

Posted On Sunday, November 29, 2009 10:48 PM

Don’t trust any one under 30? Oh No, I didn’t mean to start a age war!
Sorry for the delay in posting. I almost started a war of sort over my last ad “Don’t trust any one under 30?” on the social network LinkedIn. Well let me state right here this was an ad, with an attention getting subject line. Well on to my post for this week (yes I am trying to do post every week coming out by Monday. Since I last posted, I have spread my group (just a little bit) over the Internet. The group is now on FaceBook (as Gray Matters!), Google groups (as GrayMatters!) and (as ......

Posted On Saturday, November 21, 2009 9:44 PM

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