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Sorry for the delay in posting. I almost started a war of sort over my last ad “Don’t trust any one under 30?” on the social network LinkedIn. Well let me state right here this was an ad, with an attention getting subject line.   Well on to my post for this week (yes I am trying to do post every week coming out by Monday. Since I last posted, I have spread my group (just a little bit) over the Internet. The group is now on FaceBook (as Gray Matters!), Google groups (as GrayMatters!) and (as Graymatters40). Note, soon to be on MySpace too. You know I never properly introduced my self here and since I will have to do that in my new blogs (soon to appeared in Word Press and Slashdot) as well as the new web groups. I might as well do it here now.
I hello I am Ratman of “Gray Matters!” (And yes I did mean to spell “GRAY” that way). Now you’re probably saying “who” of “what” and why should I waste any time reading what he has to say.   Well Ratman is my online name and “Gray Matters!” is group I started on the social network site LinkedIn. A group for the and for the support of the over 40 unemployed. So if you’re feeling alone or over the hill and Job less. Come on and join a group of survivors.   And yep, I know those feelings all to well. I have been unemployed for a year now and at points felt, well really alone and down in the pit of despair.   It has been only faith in the Lord and support of my family that has kept me going. Along with starting the Group Gray Matters, something I think the Lord lead me to do.   “Gray Matters!” and “Gray Matters international” are for the over 40 group (and younger) that feel they have been put on the back burner of HR or even on the stove at all. It is here that we can share info, voice our frustrations and support for one other. 
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