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Scott L. Newman
Well Monday was not good for me Job wise or Dare wise. Why? The Census job ended (after only two weeks!). It seems our group was too good at working our blocks and ran out of blocks in our area to work. Out of work again! Well at lest, they gave us a full days pay for Monday. As to dare wise, “Love Is Kind”. As I said, not saying any thing negative was and is easy for me (Love Is Patient).  Kindness is Love in action, no I don’t have problem with doing this (Which is Gentleness, Helpfulness, Willingness or Initiative; well maybe little with the initiative part). It was the dare part “In Addition To Saying Nothing Negative To Your Spouse Again Today, Do At Least One Unexpected Gesture As An Act Of Kindness”. It was the finding or waiting for something I could do.   Well I will keep on trying on that but; will move on to the next day/dare “Love is not selfish”. Stay tuned.
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