Public Speaking Anti Patterns - Continued

I came up with a few more to add to Rod Paddock's fantastic list of speaker anti-patterns.

13. Turn OFF your Instant Messenger client. It is distracting for the audience to see you're receiving a message. BTW, if you're using MSN Live Messenger make sure you shut down Windows Messenger as well since it can take over if it sees MSN Live Messenger is off.

14. Close all programs not necessary for the presentation, especially Microsoft Outlook. It is distracting for the audience to see you've got new mail. The ONLY software running while you're presenting is the software you're using for the presentation. Which leads me to this next one....

15. Open all the programs (and files!) you're going to need for your presentation BEFORE you begin. The audience does not need to watch you launching Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, Internet Explorer, or whatever software will be utilized in the presentation. As part of my preparation, I keep a list of all the programs required for the presentation.

Have a day. :-|

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# re: Public Speaking Anti Patterns - Continued
Bob Macleod
2/15/2008 1:40 PM
Hi Jim, Sorry I posted as a reply here.

I've been reading your excellent article:
Sending Emails in .NET with the System.Net.Mail Namespace

I'd like to ask that you add any insight that you may have regarding sending emails when the user's regional settings are for a different language. I'm having an awful time with Canadian French at this point. My US English customers are fine with the rtfbox control in VB.NET2005, and emails seem to be delivered just fine. But the French! Text is full of html code in the place of accents etc. I know there is encoding, but where can I go to find the right encoding value? I think I need to write a separate project to just do the email testing. But as I said, any experience that you have (or know where to find) would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards, Bob
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