MSDN Southern Fried Roadshow - September 2009 Edition

My two favorite southern Microsoft Evangelists, Glen Gordon and Brian Hitney, will be touring the south in September disseminating nuggets of software development goodness with them in the form of the MSDN Southern Fried Roadshow. I’ll make sure I let the the police in these five lucky cities know they’re coming and when. :-)

The best part, well besides seeing Glen and Brian of course, is that the half day event packed full of great information is FREE! We like free. Free is good. :-)

They’re going to be learnin’ ya on the latest developments in Microsoft technologies. If you’re a software developer or architect then this event is right up your alley. Topics include working with web services from Silverlight, building modular WPF and Silverlight applications, and checking out what’s in store for future versions of ASP.NET.

As always, there will be cool prizes for those lucky enough to win. Will I win anything? Who, me? They could give away 10 prizes to a room of 5 people and I still wouldn’t win! :-) The good news is that since I’ll be there your chances of winning just improved!

Hope to see you there.

Have a day. :-|

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