VirtualBox: Using Shared Folders With Windows 7 RTM as Guest OS

I just got Windows 7 RTM loaded up in a VirtualBox virtual environment and one of the first things I wanted to do was set up some shared folders. It was easy enough to select Devices | Shared Folders from the VirtualBox menu, point at the folder on the host OS and give it a name for the guest OS to refer to it as, MySharedFolder for example. Set up was a piece of cake but actually being able to see those shared folders in the guest was a different story. I couldn’t find how to make that happen from within the Windows 7 Windows Explorer (guest OS) so I resorted to this command from a command prompt on the guest OS:

net use h: \\vboxsvr\mysharedfolder

Obviously h: is the name of the guest OS drive I assigned, vboxsvr refers to the guest OS, and mysharedfolder is the name I provided when I set up the shared folder. Yes, use vboxsvr as the name of the guest OS regardless of what the actual guest machine name is. After this command successfully runs drive h: on the guest OS points at the shared folder on the host OS.

Anybody figure out a way to do this in the Windows Explorer in Windows 7?

Hope this helps.

Have a day. :-|

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9/1/2009 6:06 AM
hai...i want try this good software but my computer specification is still old ;-(
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