September 2011 Entries
This .NET Guru can cook!!

Come on, who doesn’t love a good cheeseburger? Ok, I’ll rephrase that. Other than the Chik-fil-a cows and vegetarians, who doesn’t like a good cheeseburger?  Check out this episode of the Grapevine TV’s Developer’s Kitchen and watch me demonstrate how to prepare and grill up my Duffy’s Paradise Cheeseburgers! mmmm tasty!

Looking for additional recipes from your favorite .NET personalities? Check out the .NET Guru’s Can Cook cookbook for a wide variety of tempting appetizers, dishes,  sweets and drinks. Pick something and make it this weekend!

I had a great time doing this and want to thank Don Williamson, Fuss Fustino and the rest of the GrapeCity team for inviting me to participate in this project and for their warm southern hospitality.

Have a day. Disappointed smile

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