ASP.NET 5: What’s the Big Deal - Triangle .NET Users Group Presentation

I presented this session to a packed house at the June Triangle .NET Users Group (TRINUG) meeting last week and had a great time. I got hit with plenty of questions and hopefully I answered them to everyone’s satisfaction. I think I even saw some light bulbs illuminate over a few attendee heads and that’s always a good thing.  This is the session description:

ASP.NET 5 is the next version of the incredibly popular ASP.NET platform and it’s one of the most significant architectural updates ever made to ASP.NET.  How significant you ask? How about the ability to build cross-platform modern web apps that run on Windows, Linux and the Mac for starters. How about being able to build truly modular, lean, modern web apps that only use the system components that your application needs to use instead of using a large, monolithic library.

There are 3 major changes being introduced in ASP.NET 5 including a new file based project system, a new cloud optimized core CLR, and the unification of MVC & Web API into ASP.NET MVC 6. In this presentation you will learn about what the future holds for ASP.NET 5 and how you can begin to get ready for it.

Thanks to everyone who attended. I had a great time.

The slides are available here.

Have a day.

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6/15/2015 9:48 AM
Thanks for the slides. Looking forward for Other and TakeNote events.
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