AngularJS: What’s the Big Deal - Spark Conference Presentation

I was fortunate enough to make the cut and be selected as one of the speakers are the Spark Conference on June 6th, 2015. I presented my AngularJS: What’s the Big Deal? session to an engaged and lively audience. This is the session description:

AngularJS, it’s all the rage these days and it's the biggest thing in the JavaScript world since JQuery. Have you heard of it? I’m betting you have if you're a web developer. If you haven’t heard of it, you will the next time you go looking for a job. Perhaps you're a CTO or software development manager and you're wondering if your team should be using AngularJS. In either case, developer or manager, maybe your knowledge is limited to knowing it’s a single-page application framework from Google. Don’t know much else about it? Not to worry. Attend this session and you will learn about the wonderfulness that is AngularJS and there is plenty to learn. You will walk away from this session having learned about directives, views, models, controllers, two-way data binding, expressions, filters, data validation, routing and modules from plenty of code-centric demos. You will also learn where to find more information and additional guidance on taking your next steps on the road to building your first AngularJS application. Web developers with a solid foundation in HTML & JavaScript will benefit most from this session but even newbie web developers will benefit from this introduction to AngularJS.

Thanks everyone who attended my session and made me feel welcome in Charlotte. Also want to thank the Spark Conference team for putting on a great event. I’m hoping they’ll have me back next year.

You’ll find my slides here.

Have a day.

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