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This hit my scanners today.

A couple of folks from Microsoft and Sun have left to join Google. So far it is rumored that Google is planning on building a web browser.

What I don’t understand is with FireFox, Mozilla, Opera, etc why bother. But then I am inclined to think that it might be a contribution to the Mozilla effort or a spin-off based on Mozilla.

The other angle to this is that now Microsoft and Sun might have a few vacancies J

Any predictions anyone on what the browser will be called.

How about Gbrowser? Goo-zila? Goo-saic?

Posted on Wednesday, September 22, 2004 5:30 AM Others | Back to top

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Hmm... We could do with a decent non-mozilla based browser. Preferrably one that uses native widgets, so I don't need to look at and deal with this slow XUL rubbish again.
Left by Pete on Sep 22, 2004 12:55 PM

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