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To all you audio palyer/dj freaks.

Check out Traktor DJ Player.

It’s an audio player based on the Traktor DJ Studio engine.

Here is a snippet from the site

Sharing the same engine as its professional siblings, the Player version of TRAKTOR plays back MP3s, WAVs Audio CDs and DJ-Mixes produced with TRAKTOR DJ MIXER and TRAKTOR DJ STUDIO. It's the perfect tool to share your DJ-Mixes with a large audience over the internet

Waveform display

The tracks stream through the waveform displays revealing the DJ-skills on the mix monitor LED's. The playlist is dynamically displayed in an evolving Time Line Panel. You can take over control of the mix-driven crossfader to interact with the music at any time.

Fade modes, crossfader

In Automix Mode TRAKTOR DJ Player blends your favourite tracks from CD or MP3 to a smooth flow using selectable fade time and modes. If you prefer you can manually drive the crossfader to fade over to the next track at your own pace.

Playlist, virtual cases

All your tracks from CD or MP3 can be conveniently organized in virtual track cases and arranged in a playlist by drag and drop within TRAKTOR DJ Player or from your Windows Desktop.

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