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Today I feel like bitching about the Area Listings template and Rich Text Fields

If I said 'I wanted a way of publishing news items on a Portal' I am sure all of you working with Portal would go 'Aha use the Portal News Area", but in my opinion, the Portal news area might be cool, but it is also limited. First off all, most of the features of lists are missing.


  • The ability to DVWP the listings in an area easily
  • Edit listings in DataSheet mode
  • The Export to Spreadsheet is not available (ya its there as context menu on IE, but its not there on the UI)
  • Having to customize the area template means you have to swim through an ocean of CAML
  • No cool mechanism of totally customiznig the views (currently customizing display template means again you have to swim through CAML)
  • No direct way of archiving the contents of an area.

Ok so you must be thinking 'Enough already, why dont you use a list?',

I cant, because the rich text fields in a list do not have a means of adding pictures to the fields content. Can you believe that? Here on the Portal we have the area system on top of which the Portal News Mechanism is built, Portal Area listings give you a rich text editor which lets you add pictures.

Which you cant do for a Multi-line fields (allowing rich text) in a list

Why oh why did they leave that out. After all the rich text field is nothing more than html content. The editor is nothing more than an IE feature/control.

Right now the only reason I can think of for this inavailability is that maybe there would have been a clash between javascripts for the toolbar button to insert pictures and the OWSForm. Other than for that I dont see why they left it out. Except for adding pictures every other functionality of the News area can be recreated using a list

Right now what I am thinking of displaying items of the list using a dvwp and parsing it through javascript so that elements like "[pict,url]" are replaced with an appropritate img tag.

Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2005 9:48 AM SharePoint | Back to top

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